Xara X. The Pull-down Menus

        The Edit Pull-down Menu

  • Undo Undoes the last operation. Pressing Undo repeatedly undoes in sequence the previous operations. The number of operations that can be undone depends upon the amount of memory specified in the Tune Ups tabbed section in the Page Options dialog.
  • Redo Reinstates the last operation that was undone. As with Undo, you can perform multiple Redo operations depending upon allocated memory.
  • Cut Removes a selected object, or group of objects from the screen and places it or them in the clipboard (the computers RAM memory).
  • Copy Places a copy of the selected object or objects in the computer's clipboard but leaves the selected object(s) on the page.
  • Paste Places a copy of any object or objects in the computer's memory onto the page. Paste places the object or objects in the center of the page. To place the contents of the clipboard in the same place from which they were cut or copied, use Shift Ctrl v . Objects in the clipboard remain there until they have been replaced by another object.
  • Paste Attributes Copies the attributes of objects in the clipboard to a selected object or objects. Color, fills, text size and font styles, transparency are among some of the attributes that can be applied. Paste Attributes applies all applicable settings to the selected object or objects.

NOTE: Many objects can be copied and pasted between applications via the clipboard. Text created in Microsoft Word can be pasted as text or as a bitmap image.

  • Delete Removes the selection from the page. The deleted object or objects are not placed in the clipboard but can be restored by the Undo command.
  • Select All Selects all objects, bitmaps, and text objects on the page.
  • Clear Selection Deselects an object or group of selected objects. Pressing the Esc key on the computer keyboard does the same thing.
  • Duplicate Creates a duplicate of the selected object or objects and offsets the duplicated object or objects horizontally and vertically by the amount specified in the General tabbed section of the Page Options dialog ( File menu).
  • Clone Creates a duplicate object or objects in the exact same position.

TIP: Xara X does not have a repeat function to repeat the last operation. If you need to move an object an exact distance for a number of times, you can temporarily change the Duplication Distance settings in the Page Options dialog (File menu). For example, if you want to create a row of 1/4 inch squares, change the Horizontal Duplication Distance to .25in and the Vertical Duplication Distance to .00in. Each time you select Duplicate (or press Ctrl d) a new square will be created 1/4 inch from the last.