Edited (in the loosest sense on the word) by Gary W. Priester
VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2 •  JUNE 1, 1999

In this issue:

Take Two

Paul Söderholm entered the drawing for the Watercolor Backgrounds CD all the way from Finland. His name was drawn in the most nonchalant manner by Harry the Magnificent Canary, who  drew the winning entry without missing a single note in his exquisite duet with Edith Paif (via recording) in her moving rendition of Non Je Ne Regrette Rien.  The irony of Paul's victory is in his message in which he wrote "And last, thank you for not using any of the logos you created in the Logos for the Design Challenged, Part X :-) They were, IMHO, not really pleasing my eyes... The  current logo is a lot better (again  "simple is beautiful")".

And what logo graces the top of the page Paul? Well, congratulations anyway. Just goes to show how fair the drawings are! For those who did not win the Watercolor Backgrounds CD, we have one more copy which I'll give away next month.

Insider Information!

I was hoping to have some news regarding Xara 3 but alas there is no news. And no news is, as they say, no news. I'm afraid that I don't even have any good gossip. I can tell you what's going on in the XaraXone if you're interested. The Featured Artist for the month of June is Gary David Bouton, whose book on Adobe Photoshop was the number 1 selling graphics book at Amazon.com last year! Gary is one of the original Xealots and a big fan of Xara. Although OG (Other Gary as we call each other) works in a variety of applications, he always comes back to Xara for the finishing touch. And there are also a lot of pure Xara creations. So be sure to check it out.

Sean Sedwards has created a new Search and Replace plug-in shareware filter which is available now. Used with Ladislav Serédi's SL-Picker utility, Search and Replace can replace a specific color or user-defined color range. It's pretty cool. Also featured in the XaraXone Shareware page is a new Xara icon that you can use to replace the current Xara icon on your desktop, created and made available for all by Athena Hatton. New this month as well is a PowerPoint template that you can use in Xara to create the perfect PowerPoint screens. Thanks to John Clements for the template. And finally we've added a whole bunch of new links in the XaraXone Linx page. If you haven't sent in an URL for your Xara-created web site, what are you waiting for?

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