Send e-mail Download Zip Copy CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TRIAL COPY OF XARA 3D MAKER 7 A Multidimensional Logo I have not gone rummaging in the Clipart folder for some time. I did so looking for gears or wheels but discovered some very elegant circular flame designs. Like the one shown here, found in the Designs Gallery > Clipart > Decorations > Round Flames folder. We can combine this design with some text to create a very handsome 3D logo design. Resize Round Flames 040 to about the size shown. Use any fancy font that you have. The font I used is an old font from the 60s called MotterFemD which you can find and download on-line for free. We will cut and paste the graphic and text into Xara 3D Maker 7. Open Xara 3D Maker 7. Click the Text Tool (Aa) and clear the default text. Close the Text Options widow. Click the Show/Hide Cursor icon. Copy and paste the text and then the flame circle. Select the Text Tool again. Remove the diamond after the text and then press the Insert Line Break button. Switch back to the Text Tool. Highlight both the text and then flame circle. Click the Line Spacing up/down arrows and drag the slider all the way to the bottom (0%). This centers the text and the flame circle. Close Text Options and switch back to the Show/Hide Cursor. Hold down the Shift and use the arrow keys on your keyboard the highlight the flame cirle. Open Color Options, select Text and change the color to orange. Click the Show/Hide Cursor again and use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the line of text and highlight it. Change the color of the text to a pear green. It’s a bit awkward but it works. Be patient. Highlight the flame circle with the Show/Hide Cursor. Open Extrusion Options and change the Depth: to 30. Open Bevel Options and select 60° Bevel. Change the Depth: to 30. Now highlight the text (you may need to click the Show/Hide Cursor  once or twice to re-enable it). Change the Extrusion Depth: to 45. In Bevel Options, change the bevel type to Fancy Incut 3 and increase the Depth: to 30 and the type to Round. Edit the View Options > Rotation: settings as shown. Finally, click Show/Hide Lighting and drag the light arrows to add highlights. Double click on a light to open the Color Options if you want to change the light color. Export the logo. I changed the background color before exporting to the same color as this page and then exported checking the User Defined Size. 2000 x 2000 is the maximum export size. I selected True Color and Transparency. This created a PNG image with a transparent background that at a size of 6” has a resolution of 300dpi, which is sharp enough for high quality printing. And did I mention you can create screen savers? And cool 3D buttons? The best way to see all the cool things you can do with Xara 3D Maker 7 download your free trial copy. Your comments, questions are always welcome. Use the send e-mail link to send me your feedback. Gary W. Priester Your Editor Send e-mail