Send e-mail Download Zip Copy Creating a Scroll In / Scroll Out Movie Title We’ll create simple movie title to give you an idea how the new Scroll In / Scroll out animation option works. First we need to create some text. Open Xara 3D Maker 7. 1. Click the single blue X to enable the Text mode. 2. Click the Text Tool icon. Highlight the existing text and delete it. 3. Enter some text. Press Enter at the end of each line or press the diamond icon. This creates what Xara 3D Maker 7 refers to as a New Page although it really is all the same page. New Page breaks the text into separate units. If you want to add a simple line break but want the text to remain as one unit, press the triangle icon which inserts a line break. Click the Bevel Options button. Set the Bevel to None. You can add a bevel if you wish but for this tutorial we will not use one. Click the Extrusion Options button. Set the Depth to 1. Check Matt. This will reduce the file size a little. Click the Color Options button. Select Background from the drop down list and change the color to Black. Select Text Faces from the drop down list and change the color to Red. Click the View Options button. Set the Viewpoint to 70. This effects the text spacing in an animation. The X & Y position settings can be used to offset the text horizontally (X) and vertically (Y). The three rotation sliders rotate the text on three different axises. For now just modify the Viewpoint setting. Finally we will edit the Scroll in/Out  Animation Options. Set the Pause to 100cs (about 1 second). In the Scroll In set the speed to 20  and the Profile to -20%.  Click the button with the up and down facing arrow and the button with the circular arrows. This will cause the text to drop down from the top of the screen and come to an abrupt stop. Set the Scroll Out settings as shown. And increase the Page Gap to 100. At 0 the type will overlap. Press Start Animation to preview your movie. Save your file.
And here is the finished animation. I clicked on the Lightning Bolt icon which converts the movie to Flash. But even after exporting the movie as a Flash Vector Animation the file size is still a staggering 616 K too big for most websites! After you save your animation, go back and try different settings and see what effect they have. This is the best way to learn. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TRIAL COPY OF XARA 3D MAKER 7