Send e-mail Download Zip Copy Creating a 3D Logo To create a colored logo in Xara 3D we start with a vector logo that we  copy to the clipboard and paste into Xara 3D Maker 7. It comes in black which confuses many old users alike. How do we add the color so the 3D version is the same as the 2D version? Read on. Create two versions of the logo which we can do in any of Xara’s vector drawing programs. I have used Designer Pro 6. (Click here for the file). Shown above are the color and black version of the logo. We will apply the color version like a decal the the 3D version. Select the color logo and export as PNG, True Color, and 300dpi. Export the logo to the desktop to make it easier to find. Select the black vector version and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl c). Open Xara 3D Maker 7. Click on the Show/Hide Cursor icon (a|b) and press Ctrl v to paste the vector image. Next select the Text Tool (Aa). Select all of the text except the vector logo and delete it. Set the Font Size to 200%. Press OK. In View Options, set all the settings to 0. Open the Texture Options. Make sure Text is selected in the drop down list. Check the Texture check box. This opens Windows Explorer. Locate your color version of the logo and press Open. That was easy, no? Click the light bulb icon (Show/Hide Lighting). Drag the lights around to achieve a brighter logo but try to maintain the original feeling of the logo, don’t make it too bright. Some of the lights may be hidden behind the logo. If this is the case drag and rotate any light or lights you can find. Click the light bulb icon again to make the lights disappear when you are are happy with the effect. Select View Options. Change the first Rotation: angle to -30 degrees. Set the Viewpoint to 0%. Open Bevel Options and set the bevel Depth: to None. Open Extrusion Options, set the Depth: to 45, and un-check Back Face (unless you intend to have your logo rotate 360 degrees, in which case leave this option checked). Open Animation Options. Enter the settings shown above. Preview your animation. You can also export the logo as a PNG 2D graphic. Here’s the result. I have Exported the animation as a GIF Animation, 64 colors with dithering. The file size is hefty, but the quality is very good. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TRIAL COPY OF XARA 3D MAKER 7