The Xara Xone Workbook WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA DESIGNER PRO 6 Over the last few versions, many additions have been made to the Text Tool that have greatly enhanced Xara’s desktop publishing capabilities. In this section we’ll review the most recent of these additions, Find and Replace and Bullet and Numbered Lists. Indent and Outdent Lists  are also included in these new features. Find and Replace is found in the Edit menu. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl Alt A. The two examples above show how I used Find & Replace to replace all instances of “Search and Replace” and demonstrates how you can find and replace a single word or a phrase. The top illustration shows how Xara highlights the search word or phrase when it is found in the text. You can search just the current text, the current page, or all pages. You can also specify if the search subject is case sensitive or is a whole word. For example, if you search for Ed and specify case sensitive, Xara will not find words that end in ed or begin with ed such as education, unless Education is capitalized. And if you specify Whole Word, Xara only searches for the exact word and not parts of words. A common error in contemporary writing is adding two spaces after a sentence instead of a single space. This is leftover from the days of the typewriter when two spaces were added after a sentence. With the computer and computer type this has been changed to a single space. Frequently, your editor has to edit text submitted by persons who have not gotten the word on the single space and so your editor has to remove each space by hand. For long documents this can be a chore. Find and Replace can also search for spaces. In the Search for window, press the space bar twice. And in the Replace With window, press the space bar one time. Your editor is forever grateful for this new feature. The results are shown above. You can write your text and use a replaceable symbol such as (c) for a copyright symbol, then search for (c) and replace it with the extended character Alt + 0169 ©. This can also be done replacing the old typewriter em dash (--) with a proper em dash — (Alt + 0151). Simple? Simple! You can use Find and Replace to just find a single word or phrase. The example shown above demonstrates Indents and Outdents. Shown here are bullet lists. Place the cursor in a sentence and press the Bullet List icon. Place the cursor into a bullet item and press the Indent  icon to make a sub bullet item. Here are examples of a bullet list and a numbered list. Numbered lists may also be Indented creating sub list items. Right click the Text Tool cursor in a single indented line of text and select List Properties... You can specify the Starting Value (hidden under the drop down list) as well as the Number Format. I’ve used a, b, c,. H    1    2    3    4    5    Download Zipped Tutorial