Select all six thumbnails then select the Transparency Tool (F6). Change the Transparency slider setting to 50%. Copy the 6 thumbnail images to the clipboard (Ctrl c). Select the MouseOver layer in the Page and Layer Gallery and Edit > Paste In Place. Change the Transparency  setting to None. Select each pair of thumbnails (Mouse Off and Mouse Over) and Arrange  > Apply Soft Group. Hold down the Ctrl key and from the screen palette, drag and drop the color 60% Black onto the pasteboard, the area outside the page. This creates a background color different from the white of the gallery page. Add a banner and six small thumbnail images and arrange them attractively as I have endeavored to do in the illustration above. Use your own photos or use photos from the Designs Gallery > Photography  folders. WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA XTREME PRO The Xara Xone Workbook H    1    2    3    4    5    Download Zipped Tutorial Creating a One Page Photo Gallery with Layers OK Automatic slide shows are cool. But maybe you would rather have more control over your slides. No pain no gain. You know? So in this tutorial we’ll create a small photo gallery with mouse over effects and some different layer options. And we’ll do it all on one page. Set up a new page SVGA, 760 pixels wide. Open the Page and Layer Gallery (F10). Select the MouseOver layer, then press the New button six times to create six new layers. Click twice on each layer and rename the layers Photo 1, Photo 2, etc. Click on the eye icon to make each of the photo layers, except for Photo 1 invisible. When you are done, select the MouseOff layer. Page and Layer Gallery Mouse Over and Mouse Off images Web Properties > Pop-up Layer dialog Select the first thumbnail soft group. Open the Web Properties > Link tabbed section and from the Pop-up Layer drop down list, select Photo 1. Link the other thumbnails to their appropriate pop-up layers. Open the Page & Layer Gallery (F10). One by select each photo layer, click the red eye icon to make the layer visible, and paste and center the appropriate photo for each layer (use the thumbnails to remind you which image goes on each layer). After you paste each image, make that layer invisible and select the next layer. Preview and export web page icon Preview your gallery. That was a very simple and elegant way to create an attractive, effective gallery. Click here to see the actual gallery. Mouse Over Gallery You can also use the Mouse-over > Show Popup Layer option (Mouse-over tabbed section) instead of the Pop-up Photo  option. If you do this, the mouse over effect on the thumbnails will not work. But you can remove the mouse over versions of the thumbnails and place them on the appropriate photo layers. I like using the Mouse- over > Show Popup Layer option as it makes it harder for visitors to “re-use” your images. Click here to see my Mouse Over gallery. Finally, you can add a fade to the images as they come up. Add a fade reference to each layer as noted above, for example, Photo 1 (fade 3). Fade speed ranges from 1 (slowest) to 5 (fastest). Here’s an sampler. Photo Gallery published