WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA XTREME PRO The Xara Xone Workbook H    1    2    3    4    5    Download Zipped Tutorial Creating a Slide Show in Web Designer 6 There are several new ways to create a slide show in Web Designer 6. And they are all easy. How cool is that? For those of you who prefer to press a button and let Web Designer 6  do all the work, there are numerous templates in the Designs Gallery  including the Photo Galleries selection shown below. Photo Galleries Template Open one of the templates. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag and drop an image from Windows Explorer onto an image. When you preview the page the replaced photo will pop up when you click the thumbnail. Some of the templates, though for some reason, not all, such as the Photographer Theme, let you drag a selection of images, hold down the Ctrl key, and drop the images onto the first thumbnail image in the page. This replaces all of the images with the new photos. All in one fell swoop. The difference is that all of the thumbnails in the Photographer Theme  gallery have been named “autoreplace”. You can create your own template. Select all of the thumbnail images, press the yellow tag icon on the Infobar, and  Add the name autoreplace. This is it lets you create a reusable template and instantly update a photo gallery. Brilliant! Replace with HTML Code dialog When the visitor clicks a thumbnail image, the pop up image is centered over the thumbnail. You can override this setting so that every pop up is centered on the page and not the thumbnail. Here’s how. Just add a small placeholder anywhere on the page with the Placeholder script shown above. The placeholder has to be on the page but it can be small and will not be visible when the page is published. If you are reading this Workbook, however, you probably like to have more “pride of authorship”, that is to say, you would prefer to create your own template. Here’s how. A custom photo template Design your page. Add rectangles for your photos (or bitmaps of your illustration, design, etc.). Add some basic text and group the text with the rectangle. Drag and drop photos onto the rectangles. Name each photo autoreplace. Hold down the Ctrl key. Drag and drop images from Windows Explorer and drop them onto the first thumbnail. If your images are high resolution, the dialog shown above will appear. Probably best to select Import Reduced. The only effect I can see that this has is it works with smaller images and thus creates a smaller file size when you save your document. After a few moments, all of the thumbnail rectangles will be replaced with the new images. Change the page caption text as desired. Ctrl click on each thumbnail and in the Image tabbed section, add an Image Caption (Alt Text). Press Apply after you have added each caption. Press Options. Add photo captions Pop-up Photo Properties dialog You can audition which of the options you want to use. I’ve chosen the whole lot. Press OK to close the Popup Photo Options dialog and then press OK again to close the Image Properties dialog. Finally, add a placeholder as described above to center all of the popup photos. Click here to see the Slide Show.