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Working with Multiple Views

Previous Zoom iconOften times, when working with a complex illustration, we go from one zoom factor to another and back. If only going back and forth from one level of zoom to another the easiest way to do this is by pressing the Previous Zoom icon on the Infobar. But for more complex images where your requirements might be more demanding, say for instance working at a zoom factor of 350% and in Outline view quality and then switching back to 100% and anti-aliased view quality for an overview, creating a new view or a series of new views can be very helpful.

The Workbook - Working with New Views

To create a New View, right click on the page and select New View from the pop up menu.


The Workbook - Working with New Views

Set your zoom and if necessary, View Quality (Window > Quality). This view is now set.


The Workbook - Working with New Views

You can create as many views as needed.


The Workbook - Working with New Views

To toggle through your views, use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl Tab or select from the list at the bottom of the Window drop down menu.

NOTE: Views are not saved when you close your document. If you need to save your views, you will need to save (and then open) each separately). When you close your document, each View closes separately.

TIP: While it would be swell to name your views, Xara Xtreme and previous versions of Xara X do not offer this capability. But if you are working with many views, make a Post-It note with the numbers and the views they represent and stick it on your monitor to remind you.

TIP FROM CHARLES: Charles Moir suggests using Alt W (opens the Window menu) and the view number as a keyboard shortcut. So to switch to view 3, Press Alt w and then 3.



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