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December 2003
The Group Show

25 Xara artists show off their talents in this year’s group show.

Zeb - Xara Xone Featured Artist November 2003

October 2003
Simone Pampado

Simone is back with a portfolio of beautiful images. You won’t believe they are vector!

Kane Rogers - Xara Xone Featured Artist September 2003

August 2003
Richard Reny

Illustrator and automobile enthusiast

Mohamed Elhlaly  - Xara Xone Featured Artist July 2003

June 2003
jens g.r. benthien

Exceptional design using Xara X as part of a professional designer’s toolbox

Jane Phlilpot - Xara Xone Featured Artist May 2003

April 2003
Alexander Grigoriev

Realism and humor in one very entertaining exhibit.

Tad Bridenthal - Xara Xone Featured Artist March 2003

February 2003
Newton Florentino

An impressive gallery of automotive and people images.

Steve Newport - Xara Xone Featured Artist January 2003
The 2003 Group Show - Xara Xone Featured Artist December 2003

November 1 2003

Something on a lighter note this month. The humorous cartoon illustrations of Zeb.

Simone Pampado - Xara Xone Featured Artist October 2003

September 1 2003
Kane Rogers

More cars and poster art by
art director and illustrator,
Kane Rogers.

Richard Reny - Xara Xone Featured Artist August 2003

July 1 2003
Mohamed Elhlaly

Mohamed adds dimension, style, and color to his technical drawings.

jens g. r. benthien - Xara Xone Featured Artist June 2003

May 1 2003
Jane Phillpot

British artist Jane Philpot tackles a range of subject matter. All with an artist’s eye.

Alexander Grigoriev - Xara Xone Featured Artist April 2003

March 2003
Tad Bridenthal

Fine artist and sculptor, Tad creates art from his personal photographs using Xara and a palette of other software.

Newton Florentino - Xara Xone Featured Artist February 2003

January 2003
Steve Newport

14 new images by Steve Newport, the pride of Canton, Ohio.

To see more Xara art, visit The Xara.com Gallery

Xara Artists Wanted

Are you a Xara Artist? E-mail us and give us the URL where we can view your images. Please do not send images as e-mail attachments.



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