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December 2002
Xara Group Show

32 Xara users graphically demonstrate Xara’s awesome capabilities in the December Featured Artist Group Show.

Xara Xone December Group Show
Xara Featured Artist Aram Alverez

November 2002
Aram Alverez

Cuban graphic designer, Aram Alverez, displays his considerable graphic and web design talents.

October 2002
Marius Gabriel

Author Marius Gabriel makes a foray into the enchanted world of children’s books with his charming tale of Princess Smartypig which is having its world premier in the Xara Xone!

Xara Featured Artist Marius Gabriel

©2002 Marius Gabriel

Xara Featured Artist Emanuel Brito

September 2002
The Xara Users Group Logo Show

19 Xara designers show off their logo designs in a logo tour de force.

August 2002
Graeme Davidson

Graeme is new to vector illustration but you would never know it. His photorealistic images are nothing short of incredible.

Xara Featured Artist Graeme Davidson

©2002 Graeme Davidson

Xara Featured Artist Emanuel Brito

July 2002
Emanuel Brito

A vivid imagination coupled with a deft hand at technical illustration makes for some highly memorable and masterful images.

©Emanuel Brito

June 2002
Paul Söderholm

The cavalcade of cartoons continues with the gnurfy images of Paul Söderholm. In addition, Paul shares many of his original sketches to give you insight into how he works.

Xara Featured Artist Paul Söderholm

©2002 Paul Söderholm

Xara Featured ArtistRoger Weikers

May 2002
Roger Weikers

If you use Xara X, or have visited the Xara Ltd. Web site, you have seen Roger Weiker’s logo design. This month you discover Roger’s charming and humorous side.

©2002 Roger Weikers

April 2002
Dave Cockburn

Time for something a little lighter. Dave Cockburn is a professional illustrator and animator and shares some of his warm witty and stylish images.

Xara Featured Artist Dave Cockburn

©2002 Dave Cockburn

Xara Featured Artist Steve Newport

March 2002
Steve Newport

The whiz kid from the Xara Gallery Conference has come of age, well driving age that is. But Steve’s images and keen eye for detail shows maturity well beyond his years.

February 2002
Risto Klint Part II

Risto is back by popular demand with a slew of new and exciting images. Pushing the envelope, Risto’s imaginative images will amaze you and his hilarious captions will have you rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL)

Xara Featured Artist Risto Klint

©2002 Risto Klint

Xara Featured Artist Derek Cooper

January 2002
Derek Cooper

Known in the Xara Conferences as Masque, Derek combines super realism with good solid design to create this series of memorable images with which we kick off the 2002 Featured Artist Gallery season.

©2002 Derek Cooper

To see more Xara art, visit The Xara.com Gallery

Xara Artists Wanted

Are you a Xara Artist? E-mail us and give us the URL where we can view your images. Please do not send images as e-mail attachments.



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