Send e-mail Download Zipped Tutorial STEP 7 We need to change the color of these shapes. For this exercise use the colors I selected. You can easily change them later if you wish. Custom Paint Job Tutorial 2011 Madalynne Crowe Select the car shape on the Car Paint 1 layer. Open the Color Editor  (Ctrl + e) and click on the yellow tag “named color” icon (see above). Name this color Car Color 1 and click Create. Select the HSV Color Model in the Color Editor and change the HSV values as shown above. With the shape on the Car Paint 1 layer selected, click the named color Car Color 1 color swatch on the screen palette. Note: Creating this named color will allow you to change the color of the car on the fly without having to turn on or off any layers. Simply drag and drop the color swatch for Car Color 1 into the color editor and edit the color as desired, Xara will immediately re-color the image with your new color selection. Custom Paint Job Tutorial 2011 Madalynne Crowe We’ll repeat this step for the Car Paint 2 layer but we need to create 2 more colors for the 3 shapes. Create a new named color for the hood shape and name it Black (H: 0   S: 0   V: 0). (Make sure the shape is in fact using the named color). Apply Black 2 to the shapes for the Roof and Side of the car to compensate for the lighting difference in the photo on these surfaces. Color Editor - New Named Color If you have completed these last steps correctly, your car should look like the photo above. (All transparency has been removed). Custom Paint Job Tutorial 2011 Madalynne Crowe STEP 8a Now that we have the paint colors done, we need to add reflections, shadows, highlights, and depth to the color so it looks like it's on the car, rather than just drawn over the top of the photo. It’s really easy! Open the Page and Layer Gallery and Duplicate the Original Photo  layer and then Duplicate the Car Cut-Out — TEMPLATE layer.  Select both the photo copy & the shape copy and from  the Arrange  menu, select Combine Shapes > Intersect Shapes (or press Ctrl + 3). You should have the entire car body cut free from the photo and it should look like the white photographic shell image above. Cut the white photographic shell image to the clipboard (Edit > Cut or press Ctrl + x). STEP 8b Now that we have our clean white car body tucked away in the clipboard, we can delete the layers: Car Cut-Out — TEMPLATE - Copy   Original Photo - Copy layers. Create a new layer and call it Car Paint Reflection - (Stained glass) From the Edit menu, select Paste in Place to paint the white photo shell on top. Select the pasted white cut out shape then select the Transparency Tool (F6) and apply a Flat, Stained Glass, 0% transparency. This makes the colored shapes we made earlier look more natural and the highlights of the original paint job are showing up and making the image come alive Your car should now look like the example above. Custom Paint Job Tutorial 2011 Madalynne Crowe Create a new named color, check Make Color a Shade of: and select Black from the drop down list. Set the Shade: to 100% and 10%. This creates a slightly lighter black that we’ll use for the roof and the side panel. This slight color change in Black 2 is a tone correction - Black is Black and it's easy to spot a change in tone (shading value) in Black, If all 3 pieces are the same color, the hood will not look like it's the same color due to the high level of reflections in the paint.  It's a correction in color (tone) before it shows up in steps 9-12