Download ZIP Tutorial Send e-mail 22. To stop the animation from permanently pausing, we’ll add a button to move to the next frame. Actually two buttons. The dark cyan button appears on the regular frames and the pale cyan NEXT button appears on all the GOTO frames. 23. After you have created the two buttons, place the dark cyan version in the same position on all of the non-GOTO frames except the first (the Background frame) and last frame (the duplicate of the first Orange frame). So in this example, paste the dark cyan button on the Orange Frame, Green Frame, etc. 24. Paste the NEXT button onto the 5 GOTO frames in the exact same position as the dark cyan buttons. Select the button then go to Utilities  > Web Properties > Mouse-over > Jump to frame and select the frame after the present highlighted frame (from the drop down menu). In this example it will be frame Green Frame. 25. After all 5 buttons have been given their unique mouse-over commands, you can preview Flash animation in browser. 26. The slide-show is now complete. Placing the mouse pointer over the button causes the images to move continuously. Removing the pointer pauses the animation and the relevant information can be displayed. In this case just the color names.
Here is the final Flash animated gallery. The numbers here are only for clarity. You will want to include your own images. Click here to see a sample slide show I created using this same technique. I hope this Guest Tutorial has been helpful and has inspired you to create and innovate your own variations. I welcome your comments, questions, and feedback. Use the send e-mail link below to send me your responses. Anas ibn Handel Guest Tutor Send e-mail