Download ZIP Tutorial Send e-mail 11. For each frame, the image at the number 1 position should be in front of all other images and the images at position number 2 should be behind 1, while 3 should be behind 2, and 4 behind 3 and 5 behind 4. 12. Duplicate frame 1 and and set its frame display time for 0 seconds. This will create a continuous animation as you can see below.
13. Now you can preview the animation to see the images moving around one by one (click the Preview Flash animation in browser icon). There is still a lot to do but if you want to adjust the image positions you can do it now. 14. You can also add effects to your slide show. Images in positions 2, 3 and 4 can be made semi transparent and a blur (using the photo tool) can be added to the images to create depth realism. 15. On each frame the information background box can be placed in position. The text will be added later on in additional frames. 16. Give each frame a new title instead of the default ‘Frame 1’ etc. using the properties box found within the Animation Frame Gallery. For this tutorial I have used the colors of each frame for the name. This will make completing the slide-show easier. The screen above shows the 5 frames and the first frame duplicated at the end with the same name as the first frame.