Xara Xone The Xara Xone Guest Tutorial
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Once the filter has rendered, and while the Live Effect Tool is still
active, click the padlock icon on the Infobar to lock the effect.
Otherwise, you will have to wait for the liquid colour effect to
render each time you manipulate the flame. 
Now you can get rid of the excess rectangle that you don’t
need.  Use the Shape Editor Tool to draw a rough outline
around the flame shape. Select both the resulting shape
and the flame group and Arrange > Combine Shapes > Slice
Shapes. Delete the outer unneeded portion and apply
feathering to soften the edges.
Give your flame an Elliptical transparency. Set the center control
point setting to 50% and the outer to 0%. Group the flame.
Apply an angled linear transparency to the bottom.
Now set something on fire!
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Frances Proctor (angelize)
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