Xara Xone The Xara Xone Guest Tutorial
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Select the group then
select the Live Effects Tool
(Ctrl + F5). Under
Deformation Filters, select
the Liquid Colour filter.
Select the Draw option, 
reduce the brush size and
increase the strength. Drag
from the center of the
flame out to stretch your
flame and drag from
outside the flame in to
push the flame inward. 
Experiment with different
brush settings and watch
the popcorn turn into fire.
(And you won’t smell burnt popcorn for Days!)
You can manipulate the flame however you want within the
boundaries of the rectangle from the last step. 
Once you are happy with your flame click OK to close the
Liquid Colour dialog. This filter may take a few minutes
to render on slower computers. Which would be a good
opportunity to take a break and re-heat that cold coffee
sitting on the desk next to you.