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May 2004 Group Show

Sheffield Abella

Pete Loader

Christine Farrelly

David Higgins

We continue with the second in our series of 4 person group shows. This month we have four different artists with four very different styles. A testimonial to the talent of each of our four artists and the versatility of Xara X.

If you would like to participate, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.


ęSheffeild AbellaSheffield Abella

Born in 1968, Sheff began drawing at a very young age. He traveled with his military family to several different places around the globe, all the while honing his craft silently through high school and at various colleges and universities such as Northern Arizona University and the University of Guam until he graduated from Art Center, College of Design in Pasadena. He now freelances as an illustrator and lives with his wife Alison in Las Vegas along with their dogs, Mocha, Maggie and their cat Cheyenne.


ęPeter LoaderPeter Loader

I live in Cranebrook, Penrith NSW Australia, where I pursue digital illustration as a hobby which runs parallel to my real role as a graphic designer.

I've been working on the computer for a number of years now, developing and experimenting with ideas and how to employ them in my work. Nearly all my artwork shown here has been created using a variety of programs such as Illustrator, Xara X, Photoshop, Vue d'Espirit and others. Some of my early cover designs and internal artworks where however done the old fashioned way with pencil, pen and ink.

My favorite theme is Science Fiction and Fantasy. On this site you will find a portfolio of my illustrative works, I hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer! Feel free to drop me a line via email and visit my Website.


ęChristine FarrellyChristine Farrelly
South East London, UK.

I first got interested in computer graphics when I got a copy of CorelDRAW 3 many, many moons ago.  The day I saw an advertisement for Xara (version 1) I just had to have it. The transparency options had me hooked right from the start. With the advent of Xara X and all the new options I am even more hooked than I was at the beginning.

I really only use Xara X as a hobby, although I do some creative work in it for my job, as IT Manager for a plastics manufacturing company, mainly to liven up training manuals. The marketing department at the company also use Xara X to design leaflets, newsletters and 'how to' posters, since I showed them how easy it is to use.

I really enjoy designing family birthday cards and creating collages of the many photos I take of my 4 granddaughters.


ęDavid HigginsDavid Higgins

I cut my teeth on CorelDraw 3 and built a graphic design business around it... but when I wanted to move into web graphics I found nothing could beat Xara! I love the flexibility, power and freedom Xara offers me. I recently accepted a position lecturing graphics and print technology and was so frustrated dealing with Macs and Illustrator that I wanted to show my students what a decent vector drawing program SHOULD be able to produce! Visit my Website.


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XARA Artists Wanted! We are always looking for new artists to feature on this page. If you would like to be considered for one of the future featured artists Group Shows, Click Here to contact us. Send one or two JPEG or GIF images, about 600 pixels wide. And please keep the file size under 100K. Add Xara Group Show to the Subject line of your message.

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