Eric Bramhill

Old Motorbike Finally I thought I really ought to make an effort to produce a new image just for this artist of the month section. I realise that I've been getting very little time in at really detailed work lately, only using Xara for web button production and for web image manipulation. I usually have at least one image that I like to work on if I've got no other work or have lost my inspiration re my site design work.

So gathering together this series of drawings gave me the ideal excuse to finish this motorbike that's been sitting unfinished on my hard disc for several months now. This is the type of work I enjoy the most. I just see an image and think that would be great in a vector format. This one was from a black and white original, but after all the hours spent reproducing the image from bitmap to vector. it's fantastic to be able to scale it to what ever size you want without image loss, to zoom in and out and to alter the colour with one simple edit operation.