Shown on the left are two objects, a circle and an ellipse with a Circular Fill and Elliptical Fill applied.

The centers of both fills have been repositioned. The radius of the Circular Fill has been reduced. The height and width of the Elliptical Fill have been resized.

Conical Fills fill in a 360 degree sweep from the center. Conical Fills are two color fills but can also have the Rainbow and Alt Rainbow Fill Effects applied.

The button on the top right is two concentric circles. The larger circle has a Conical Fill while the smaller circle has a Linear Fill. The Linear Fill is effected by the conical fill which gives it a inverted rounded appearance.

Diamond Fills fill in a four-pointed star shape from the center outward. They are 2-color fills with the three Fill Effects available on the Infobar.

Each fill path can be resized independently and the entire fill can be rotated as well.

Drag the center node to reposition the fill.

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