Want to quickly add guidelines at precise locations? Simply double click on the ruler where you want the guideline to be.

TIP Within A TIP: If you enable Snap To Grid you can add guidelines at that will snap to your grid spacing.

Bonus TIP: Want to remove all guidelines in one easy step? Right-click on the ruler and select Delete All Guidelines.

Send in the Clones.
I've always used
Ctrl - D to duplicate an object, setting my duplicate distance to 0 to place the duplicate on top. I find now this is unnecessary. Clone (Ctrl - K) places a duplicate directly on top of the original.

XARA 3D 3 TIP: To edit a Xara 3D 3 animation, open a New Animation window in Xara 2 and import the animation. Now you can change timing, color palette, and add titles or other elements. When you've finished, re-export your animation.

Reader TIP: Catharina Hogarth informed your editor (that's me) that pressing the comma (,) and period ( .) when nothing is selected is the keyboard shortcut for Undo (comma) and Redo (period). If you have trouble remembering which is which look at the shifted version of each < (Undo) and > (Redo).

Reader TIP: Robert H. Olley offers this tip to overcome problems encountered when exporting large bitmap images. To increase the bitmap export size:

    1. Close down CorelXARA.
    2. Go to the folder where you installed CorelXARA.
    3 . Rename the 'xaradraw.dll' file to 'xdsmall.dll'
    4. Rename the 'xdlarge.dll' file to 'xaradraw.dll'

To reverse the change either do this in reverse or reinstall CorelXARA.

What Does It All Mean?
If you don't know what a specific menu function does, highlight it and press the F1 function key. A context sensitive Help menu will pop up and explain it all.

OLD TIPS Die Hard TIP: This is not a new tip but the question is asked often enough to warrant an encore. To create a multi-color Linear Fill, create a series of 2-color fills as shown below. The end color for the first fill should be the same as the start color for the next fill and so on.


When Push Comes to Shove
If you're zoomed in close on your drawing and want to move to another part of your drawing without zooming out, press the Alt key and x to toggle into Push Tool mode. When you're finished press Alt x again to return to the currently selected tool.

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