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Value and Saturation


I'm jumping all over the place here and I apologize. I am having one of those days when my brain feels like cotton candy. Anyway, returning to RGB color, in addition to the 365 pure Hues (colors) found in the RGB Color Wheel, each color has a Value and Saturation variable. Value represents the amount of black in each color. The colors shown on the top row have a Value (sometimes called Brightness) factor of 100%. In other words, there is no black. As the rows of colors move down the chart the Value decreases adding more black until each color is essentially black.


Values example

This subdued logo uses a palette of colors with lower Value settings. These colors are good for conservative corporate colors and can be used to create a feeling of richness.


Saturation chart

As white is theoretically added to any Hue, the Saturation of the color decreases. As the amount of pure color decreases, the percentage of Saturation drops. A color photograph with 0% saturation is a grayscale image. As colors get very low in Saturation, they become pastels.


Saturation chart

This example uses low saturation colors. Low saturation, pastel colors are often used with infant clothing and to create pleasant environments. You would not expect a football team jersey, or a military uniform to use pastel colors.


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