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The Xara Xone Workbook

The Xara Xone WebXealot Workbook - The best, easy and fun Xara X tutorials

Edited by Gary W. Priester Number 9 •  December 15, 2002

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Covered in this month's Workbook

In the XaraXone this month

Here is what is happening in the XaraXone this month. The December tutorial revisits the December 1997 snowperson in a glass sphere with snow tutorial but updated with Xara X's new features. The Featured Artist Gallery showcases the work of 32 Xara artists in the second annual Featured Artist Group Show. Just in time for the holidays, Dave Pappas' Holiday Lights Brush in the Brush and Fills page. The brush is free.

I am accepting your contributions (Tips, Brushes, Templates, stuff like that). If your site has Xara graphics and is not listed, send me your link and a brief description of how you have used Xara on your site.

Winners of the Communication Arts Magazine Design Annual

I write software reviews for Communication Arts Magazine. I received three copies of the 2002 Design Annual, two of which I offered to you readers. The newsstand price is $24.00 US and this is THE design annual for the graphic design profession. The two winners are Joel Horn and Wayne Smith. Your copies are on their way. Congratulations. Winners were selected at random by Harry the exceptional canary.

Xara Menu Maker. It's New. It's Cool!

Example of Xara MenuMaker created menuMenu Maker, $19.95 US, is the newest product from Xara. While many of us may prefer to create our own menu and navigation bars, Menu Maker is perfect for people who want professional-looking menus and nav bars without the hassle. Perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to create fly out or drop-down sub menus. The text below is from Xara's website.

    XARA Menu Maker is more than just a DHTML menu creator. Uniquely it creates customized graphical 'mouse-over' button bars that may optionally be accompanied by drop-down menus. With more than 250 professionally designed templates, each of which can be customized, it can create a near-infinite range of top-quality Nav Bars and DHTML menus to suit any website.

    Xara Menu Maker produces some of the most optimized graphics and menu-code available - less than half the size of other menu builders, ensuring maximum download speed for your website.

    More compact and more compatible than Flash graphics, the button bar graphics generated by Xara Menu Maker automatically adapt their length to suit your button text. It does this while maintaining the design proportions of the graphic - it doesn't just stretch the graphic, ensuring top quality, professional-level results.

    What would take an expert graphic designer hours to produce, can now be produced by anyone in seconds.

Click here to learn more about Menu Maker and to see examples. Click here to download a trial copy.

The Xara Tutorials, On-line Xara X Manual
and WebXealot CD. The perfect Holiday Gift!

Tens of you have asked your editor (still me hanging in there—by a thread) over the years for a CD containing the Xara Tutorials, WebXealots, and On-line Xara X Manual. Well thanks to Grant E. Remington, all this (and more) is available on a CD in Adobe PDF (Adobe's Portable Document File) file format for easy viewing and printing! (Hold your applause, please).

Grant has provided an Adobe Acrobat reader on the CD for those of you who may not have one, for viewing the PDF files. Xara Ltd. has included a folder of 19 cool fonts, not available on the Xara X CD, as well as trial copies of Xara Webstyle and Xara 3D 4. If you have never tried Xara 3D 4 you are in for a treat with this incredibly easy to use 3D and animation creation application.

So where do you order your CD and what is it going to cost? Click Here to go to Grant's site to place your order. The price for the CD which includes everything; Xara Tutorials from 1996 - 2001, WebXealots 1-35, including #s 16-35 the on-line Xara X manual, the fonts, the trial versions, the Acrobat reader, the whole enchilada, is $20.00 US which includes free shipping in the USA. The cost outside the USA and Canada is $22.00 US and also included shipping. A great price if I do say so myself.

For a small additional fee, Grant can print your own label design if you decide that you don't like all the worms featured on my handsome label design. So don't delay, order your CD today! And order several for your friends and relatives!

Thanks to all of you who have already ordered (and received) your copies. If you have not ordered yours, as they say in the TV commercials, there will never be a better time to buy!

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