WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA XTREME PRO H    1    2    3    4    Download Zipped Tutorial The only thing that did not download load is the background pattern. You can easily access this file in Firefox. Right click on the background image and select View Background Image. The image opens in a new window. Drag and drop it onto the Desktop. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the background image from the desktop and drop it onto the pasteboard (the darker area outside the page). Internet Explorer and Google Chrome make it harder to get the image. But in both browsers, right click on the background and select View Source. The first entry after the </head> tag is body style equals=, the  link to the background image. So we see the background image is named 0.png and that the file is in the index_html_files folder. So key in in the browser web address text entry box and press Enter. The image appears in the browser from where you can drag and drop it onto the Desktop then Ctrl drag and drop it onto the pasteboard. Opera users: Right click on the background and select Copy to Clipboard then Paste the image into Web Designer or Xtreme. NOTE: Web Designer and Xtreme disregard the actual image name and assign a number to each image instead. The order of the images in the HTML file is not easy to decypher and does not provide much information on how the images are used (mouse down and  mouse over buttons for example). For this reason alone it makes sense to add an Alt tag to your images (Web Properties > Image Properties) to make it easier to identify the image names in the page source (HTML script). Using the template image, position your downloaded images. Make sure you are on the MouseOff or Layer 1 layer. The Xara Xone Guest Tutorial