WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA XTREME PRO H    1    2    3    4    Download Zipped Tutorial If you look at the resolution of some of the imported images, the page background, for example, you will see that the resolution is greater than 96dpi (Windows screen resolution). Here’s a really cool new feature in Web Designer 6. Marquee select all of the imported images. Select the Photo Tool (P). On the Infobar, click the Scale Photo to 100%  button. Now all the images are 96dpi and the same size they are on the web page from which the images were imported. Why they were changed in the first place is anybody’s guess. Note the size of the resized page background image (1.png). The Bitmap Gallery shows the size to be 814 x 1609 pixels. From the Utilities menu, select Options. In the Page Size tabbed section, select Custom. Change the page size to 814 wide by 1609 pixels deep. Press OK to close the dialog. Hold down the Ctrl key. Drag the page background image from the Bitmap Gallery and drop it onto the page to create the background. Load the Workbook page into your web browser. Press the PrtScn (print screen) button on your keyboard. Press Ctrl v to paste the captured screen into Web Designer. Trim the image to just the actual page. Cut the image to the clipboard (Ctrl x). In the Layer Gallery (F10) select the Template layer. Paste the screen capture onto the Template layer. Select the Transparency Tool (F6) and change the transparency for the bitmap to 50%. Scroll down in your browser to get the bottom half of the page, Print Screen, and repeat the last step. Lock the layer when you have the whole page on the layer. We’ll use the template to position the page elements that we just downloaded. The Xara Xone Guest Tutorial