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Xara Xone July 2005 Group Show

July 2005 Group Show
Featuring the Xara Art of:

John Chiarello

I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator working in the business now some 25 years. My first job out of college was a small Design firm in Kansas City doing a lot of Technical illustration. I then got an offer to move down to Dallas in 1982 where I worked for an Architectural Illustration company, then moved around a bit working for companies such as Radio Shack and Neiman Marcus doing mainly a lot of photo retouching. As everything started computerizing in the early 90's, we were one of the first to go completely digital. I found my calling, but had gotten away from doing illustration. The programs back then were good, but nobody knew how to manipulate them to create great illustration other than flat vector stuff. It wasn't until later when I got into Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Strata that I really started to get into digital illustration. Then I first used Xara 1.0 and was completly sold. Now I'm always trying different textures, transparencies, bevels, mixing and matching, and importing and exporting. I'm always trying to simulate real airbrush and brush techniques in Vector! WOW! I now work for a multimedia firm in the Dallas area where we do all kinds of graphics for online and print mainly in e-learning.

John Chiarello


Dennis J. Newman

Dennis Newman, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. I worked with CorelDRAW until I discovered Xara from the first release. I have used Xara ever since. I am a former high school art teacher. I have had numerous exhibitions of graphic art. I now use Xara every day to design logos, websites and digital art. I use a Wacom tablet and usually sketch the idea first, scan the drawing then refine in Xara. Manga comix, Sin City Graphics of Frank Miller and Australian Artist Brett Whitely, are my greatest influences. Vector based graphics are my preference over any other form of graphics, they are so versatile. I have designed billboards in Xara and have had them blown up to 4 meters square. You want it, I design it and then we can print it, web it, screen print it, or publish it. What is easier than that.


Mary O'Neill

My name is Mary O'Neill. I'm a 35 year old environmental engineer (I help companies comply with environmental protection laws and regulations (I'm a glorified garbage man). I live in New England. Other than the occasional art instruction in elementary and middle school, I've had no formal visual art training. What few attempts I made at drawing did reveal that I had some natural talent for art; however, my attempts to develop my artistic talents were never really productive. I think it's because I had no patience for it; nonetheless, my creative side demanded to be expressed. I dabbled in poetry, arts and crafts, novel writing, yet nothing really stuck.

I originally bought Xara X for the business that I started. I wanted to make my own graphics and clip art (the $150 or so I spent on Xara X pales in comparison with graphic artist fees); I thought I had enough natural talent for that. However, once I really started to dabble with Xara X, I was wonderfully surprised at the neat pictures I could create. True, you may not see my pictures in any art gallery, but I was able to create pictures well enough to use on greeting cards, as well as have a lot of fun!

You may see more of my images at
You may also email me at


Danny Gregoris

Drawing has always been a hobby of mine. It started innocently with a few drawings on the walls as a child. Later it was cartoons for school papers and more drawings and paintings on the wall, murals mostly. Computer wise, I started with CorelDRAW version 3 and took a few evening courses to get me started. Eventually, I gravitated to medical/technical sketches and illustrations for training manuals and paramedic newsletters. I stumbled on to Xara a few years ago after reading a few Gary Priester articles. I tried a trial version of Xara and jumped to it after trying it just once. I'm no pro, but I get charged when ever I create with Xara. I just love the way I can combine my photos with my Xara artwork. Now I dabble in web site developing so a lot of my art is for that purpose.



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