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Featured Artist Ross Macintosh

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February 2006

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NOTE: Ross felt that many of his image would show better if viewed actual size. Most of the images in the gallery have links to full sized version of the images.

Hi I'm Ross Macintosh from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I was a featured artist a few years back (April 2001) so getting this repeat gig has encouraged me to reflect upon what I've been doing with Xara since my work was last featured. I've realized what's the same is I'm still playing and having fun. I continue to use Xara to explore ideas and still find it a relaxing pursuit.

If something is different it's that gradually I've been using Xara far more for bitmap manipulation than drawing from scratch. Much of what I'm doing with Xara relates to processing images from SketchUp — a 3d modeling program. SketchUp ( is ideal for architectural modeling and as an architectural designer it fits me like a glove. It really is an amazing tool. Having Xara in my toolkit allows me leverage my SketchUp output into creative illustrations. Most of the images I've selected for this gallery feature processed SketchUp images. They were done as experiments aimed at developing techniques that I'll be able to bring to architectural projects in the future. I hope you enjoy my Xara work.

—Ross Macintosh

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