Send e-mail Download ZIP File By the way. Another often requested bit of information is how to add space to the top of your web page so that the background shows over the top of the page (like on top of this page). There are several methods all of which I forget. But Steve Ledger, a true website wizard if ever there was one, came up with this simple script: <style> #xr_xr {    margin-top: 20px; } </style> Just copy this and paste it in the HTML Head area of your page or website just as I have done with this Workbook. And just how do you insert the code in the HTML Head area? Read on. Xara Designer 7 now makes it easier to insert code into your documents. Previously this process required a placeholder object, and if the code was to be inserted into the HEAD section of your HTML document, the placeholder also had to be Named. But now two buttons make inserting code easy: HTML Code (body) and HTML Code (head). Just press the appropriate button and add your code. The code shown above is inserted in the <head> area on publish. There are three ways to add code: Globally: If you add code in the Website tabbed section, the code is added to every page in your site. Pages: The same two buttons are found in the Page tabbed section so you can add code to a single page. Placeholder: The two Insert HTML Code buttons also exist in the Placeholder tabbed section. If you are one of those who like to mess with the HTML code, and you are new to Xara, you might well ask, why do I need to insert code this way when I can hand edit the HTML document? Well there is nothing to stop you from hacking to your heart’s content. Except, that when you next publish your site, all your hand coding will be overwritten and lost. Unless, you add the code as I have explained above. Xara web design products are WSYIWYG oriented and not HTML editors. Xara Designer 7 comes with a ton of really excellent clip art, a handful of which are shown here. And do you notice something I’ve done here that could not be done before? I’m referring to the objects going off the page! By default all content is clipped inside the page. But if you un- check Clip to Page Edges, you can have objects or photos extend beyond the edges of the page. By the way, I really love the design and quality of the clip art. It is so much better designed than most clip art. Photo Clipart This is really hot! High resolution photographs with the background removed. Excellent! Widgets Galore There are more new widgets including some MAGIX media widgets that let you add audio and video to your site. And there are more Social Networking, Form, and e-Commerce widgets as well. (You will need an active account with one of the providers, PayPal, Google Checkout, Ecwid, eBay, Amazon, Cartfly or Shopit to use the e-commerce widgets). And remember, as new widgets become available, they will be magically added to your Designs Gallery > Widgets folders.
Music “An Island” composed and performed by Vic Hauer Viktor Hauer Works. MAGIX Media Player The orange panels and tail colors can be edited