Send e-mail Download ZIP File Intelligent Headers and Footers If a repeating object is placed close to the top or the bottom of the page, and the page is resized, the repeating objects will automatically retain their relationship to the top or bottom of the page. This also works with web pages. Improved Object Embedding into Flowing Text. Now you can have text repel around an object or objects and have the object flow with the text area. So if you edit or resize the text area, the repellent objects will keep their position within the text area. If you anchor an object to the text, a small anchor symbol appears to remind you the object is anchored. By default, in the Text Repelling & Anchoring dialog, text repels equal distance to the height you specify. But if you press the padlock icon, you can set each distance independently. In the settings above the text offsets 12 pixels horizontally and 0px vertically. A small dark red anchor icon indicates an anchored object. New Paste Options The Paste function has been greatly expanded as you can see by the Paste fly out menu options on the Infobar as well as the new Edit > Paste fly out menu. Some of these options are now available as well when you right click on the page or on an object. The first and last three paste options are fairly self explanatory, but here is an explanation of the other new Paste options. Paste Position: is good for replacing one object with another in the exact same position. Copy the object you want to replace, select the replacing object and press Paste Position, the selected object moves to the same position as the copied object. Paste Size: Is similar to Paste Position. The object you copy resizes a selection to the same size as the one  copied. Paste Replacing Selection: Pastes the copied or cut selection and replaces the new selection. The best way to see how these new options work is to try them out. Quick Align Right click on two or more selected objects and you will see a new Quick Align fly out menu. If you need more options, press Alignment to open the full Alignment menu. Multiple Page View. Xara Designer 7 Pro  offers two ways to view multi-page documents and websites. You can view one page at a time and use the Page and Layer Gallery to navigate to a different page, or select Multiple Page View and scroll up and down through your entire site or document. Single Page View is the default for web documents. On the other hand, print documents default to multiple page view. Simply right click on the page and click   Multiple Page View to switch. Context Sensitive Menus Most fly out menus have been enhanced. Now when you right click on any object, more context sensitive options are available. Go ahead and try a few. I’ll wait... Repelling Objects On Layers no longer need disrupt text on the MouseOff or Layer 1 layers. Select Text Repelling Within Layer Only in the Layer Properties dialog. This also prevents text in layers above the current layer from repelling text on the current layer. Thank you Xara! My sanity is restored. I think I have covered all of the non-web related features. So, let’s move right along to website improvements and Xara-Point Presentations. (Attn: Microsoft - Xara-Point is my description and not that of Magic or Xara.)