Why is this golden orb smiling? It's not smiling you say? Move the cursor over it and see what happens. Now move the cursor away and see what happens. To restore the golden orb to it's original state, click on it once, then move your cursor away before the screen reloads.

Now if nothing happens when you move your mouse over the golden sphere, it is probably because your browser does not support Java script mouse rollover events. Both Netscape 4 and Explorer 4 do. If you don't have one of these browsers, it might be time to make the plunge, because creating these effects is not only fun and almost easy, but habit-forming as well.

We'll wait while you download your new browser....

The mouse-over effect was created in Xara 2 with the help of SPG Web Tools to use with this tutorial, though I have to warn you, once you've worked with them, you'll have to own them. They do much more than mouse roll-overs, but for this tutorial we'll just cover the roll-overs. So, if you'd just roll this way.

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