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TRAIK tube tableware design 2003 Jens G.R. Benthien

Traik - how the Germans pronounce 'Trike'. It's one of my hobbies to develop simple, yet interesting and appealing egg cups made of stainless steel. Because most decision makers don't have the imagination to transform a CAD drawing into an existing product, I develop the products, create a scene and render the scene as if I use the technique of table top photography to shoot an existing product. This process with the final images makes my product developments almost tangible - a very successful approach to convince manufacturers. These two egg cups feature a different finish in one element: a slightly brushed and highly polished surface - something I've never seen before. Font: Busorama, Lady Ice Revisited. Software: Xara X, Rhino 3D, Cinema 4D XL.

All images are designed by and/or ©jens g. r. benthien and may not be
copied or reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the artist


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