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Il Ponte tableware design ©2001Jens G.R. Benthien

Il Ponte is Italian and means 'The Bridge'. I am kind of obsessed by objects for the breakfast table, made of stainless steel with different surface finishes. This one started out with the egg cup, drawn in Xara X because nothing comes close to the great vector manipulation Xara offers. I usually export the vectors in Adobe Illustrator .ai file format to import it into my CAD system. There I start working with the splines (in CAD vectors are called splines), extrude, cut, subtract or merge the objects into the final product. Add some fillets (= bevels), export the NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines, kind of 3D vectors) into a rendering package, add some light, textures, render it, import the image into Xara, add text and voilą - the product presentation is finished. Font: Busorama. Software: Xara X, Rhino 3D, Cinema 4D XL.


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