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Featured Artist Simon Beck

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April 2006
Simon Beck

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Simon Beck

Simon Beck was born in London in 1961 and spent his early life in Switzerland and the United States. He returned to England in the late 1970s and eventually settled in Southeast London. He is married and has two small children. He has been involved in computer graphics since 1991, and now runs his own Website and graphics consultancy, AlphaBeck. His main work is logo design and deliberately simple HTML websites. In his spare time he plays blues piano and bass guitar, cooks, and designs computer-based images using Xara X.

"I have a personal mission to rescue logo design from the tyranny of WordArt and Photoshop. A good logo should stick in your memory from the moment you see it. No fuzzy edges, gradients or textures. I borrow a principle from Bob the Builder 'Can you fax it?'"

"I see my drawings as a kind of lighthearted minimalism; maybe like a cross between a koan and a one-liner, or perhaps a cross between a haiku and a limerick. Sorry if it sounds pretentious, but that's it. Visual puns. But not very funny."

"My style of artwork is based on an early interest in screen printing and paper cut outs."

"My personal motto is 'Communication is everything'"

"I'm a bit of a train spotter regarding typefaces I have literally thousands of them, and I can recognise a lot of them on sight. Font design just seemed to be something else I should try doing."





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