Click to download Zipped Tutorial X3D views: Shown above is each vector shape copied and pasted into Xara 3D Maker 7 along with the invisible frame. The correct length of each extrusion has not yet been determined. When you copy and paste each vector shape one by one into Xara 3D Maker 7, they will not appear in the colours or depths as shown. I have colored each shape in Xara 3D to illustrate how the basic shapes look in 3D. Extrusion Depth: You can experiment with each shape and decide on the depth of each extrusion to suit your taste. Below are the settings that I made which may not completely suit your 3D model as your shapes may not be exactly like mine. The settings are: 3 wheel axles (yellow). Extrusion depth = 37 3 wheels (green). Extrusion depth = 34 The cabin (light blue). Extrusion depth = 24 The enginge (orange). Extrusion depth = 21 Small front funnel (red). Extrusion depth = 4 Larger funnel (purple). Extrusion depth = 10 The base (dark blue). Extrusion depth = 26 NOTE: The wheels are really an illusion. They are in reality long tube shapes. Because their Extrusion depth is wider than the wedge shape, they appear to be wheels. Bevel settings: Experiment with the bevel depth for each shape and decide on the amount of bevel that looks best. Below are my choices, which you may use as a guide. 3 wheel axles (yellow). No bevel 3 wheels (green). Smoothed 1a depth = 8 The cabin (light blue). Smoothed 1a depth = 8, Round The engine (orange). Curved depth = 122, Mitre  Small front funnel (red). Rounded depth = 21, Round  Larger funnel (purple). Rounded depth = 65, Round  The base (dark blue).  Curved depth = 8 Your train image should now look like the above. Select the cursor and press Ctrl v to paste into Xara 3D. Hold down the Shift key and press Enter after you paste each shape. To paste or to select and edit each of the shapes use the Hide/Show Cursor. Hold down the Shift key and press the left or right arrow key to highlight a shape. In the example above the cabin is highlighted. TIP: Press Ctrl + Home (the Home key on your keyboard) to return to the top. Each time you press the Left or Right arrow key (depends on which way the train is facing) you advance to the next shape. The Wood Texture: Open Texture options and click the Load Texture  button. Browse to your C: > Program Files (x86) > Xara > Xara 3D Maker 7 > Textures and select Pale wood.jpg. Your train should now sport a natural wood grain appearance. You may want to adjust the lights. But first grab the train in Xara 3D Maker 7 and drag to rotate the train into the desired position. If you go to the Extrusion Options section you can apply a glossy finish. Just check the Gloss option if it is not already checked. Animating the wheels: Select Rotate 2 in the Animation options and make sure that the text box is not checked. Using the giant cursor again, select the 3 wheels as shown. Now add a check to the Text box (the wheels are the ‘text’) and click on the the play button to start the animation. The wheels should rotate according to which of the 3 axis buttons you have chosen. The button to the right will direct the rotation clockwise or anti-clockwise. When you have the wheels turning correctly then you can remove the cursor. You can click here for my Xara 3D Maker file. Some people learn better when they can see the actual settings. Optional Animation: By choosing the other Animation options, you can have the train speeding along using either of the ‘Scroll’ options or by having the whole train rotating using the ‘Rotate 1’ option. Here’s the final image. It was Exported at a PNG, 24-bit and with Transparency checked. Your feedback and questions are always welcome and greatly  appreciated. Use the Send e- mail link below to send me your comments and questions. Anas ibn Handel Send e-mail The method for pasting the shapes into Xara 3D Maker 7 is explained in the next step.