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January 2003
Steve Newport

I'll spare you my entire life story again, but to sum it up: I'll be 17 in March attending Glen Oak High school of Canton, Ohio as a junior. I've had a special interest in the arts all my life and have been playing around with digital art for about 6 or 7 years now ever since I laid hands on Corel Xara (Now Xara X). I also do a lot of theater and singing both in school and out of. On my free time outside of that, I've had a passion for rock climbing for about four years now and kayaking for about three, I do this whenever I can. But recently, with my entrance into my junior year, free time has ceased to exist, so that makes it hard to feed my passion!

As of now I plan to major in some kind of design subject. I was set on graphic /advertising design, but after looking at art college selection's in classes I think I'm going to find it very hard to choose a single major! Whatever it is, I will be creating for a job! But things can change, and nothing's final, so this is only what I am planning for now!

I have to set aside a part for credits this time! My parents are both really supportive of anything I choose to pursue and I'm very grateful for that. The community at has to be the largest source of the knowledge and all around improvement to myself over the years. A ton of great, really talented people that I appreciate a ton. My friends, everyone that I am close to, are also always there to support me... compadres! And most of all, I really don't think I'd be able to juggle all of my interests, or have any for that matter without God right there with me. He's the one thing that keeps me sane and on track and just really gives me a reason to keep going. Thanks to all that stick with me!

I hope you enjoy my gallery, any comments, critiques or criticism is more than welcome; I love hearing other people's views. Also I am open for any job offers, let me know!

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Muse İSteve Newport


Fruit Still LifeİSteve Newport

Fruit Still Life

Corvette İSteve Newport


Mountain İSteve Newport

Mt. Edith Cavell

Sunset RoomİSteve Newport

Sunset Room

Spiderman İSteve Newport


Muse İSteve Newport

Window - Summer Setting

Hallway İSteve Newport


Window İSteve Newport


Girl's Face İSteve Newport

Girl's Face

Palace İSteve Newport

Palace Theater

Logo İSteve Newport

3D Signature

İSteve Newport

Frozen in Time

Sunset Grass İSteve Newport

Evening Breeze

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