March 2002

Steve Newport

I am a 16 year old student attending GlenOak High school in Canton, Ohio of the USA. In school I am heavily involved in our choral department. I am part of a semi-select classical choir called "Chorale". Also a select vocal-jazz ensemble of 8 guys 8 girls, two to each part, Called the Drifters. Apart from that I'm involved in an after-school choir called "Mens Chorus", all of which I sing Bass. I also major in Drama and am trying to fit some art classes into my schedule too!

In my free time out of school I've been rock climbing whenever possible as well as kayaking, both of which I'd like to get a little more into as the years progress. I've been climbing for going on 3 years and kayaking for about 2 years.

I have been involved in computer graphics for a while, but just within the past year or so I have really started getting into it.

I got CorelXARA from a friend from England when I was about 10. I toyed around with it not knowing the power which I had at my fingertips! I started creating technical drawings of stereos and radios from around the house, all of which I have lost over the years. Up until that point the only sort of computer graphics I had experienced was good old "Paint" and I was amazed at how Xara could get so much detail so quickly!

Over the years I've progressed and gotten involved in many other types of media in the hopes of working my way up to a graphic designer of some sort!

I believe my greatest source of help and inspiration would have to be the guys & girls who hang out at, with their amazing talent and invaluable, helpful advice. And also Gary Priester's tutorials in the XaraXone and and his professional knowledge have been very helpful! Also, my parents are always helping me achieve my goals for which I am very grateful.

I'd really like to know what you think of my images. And if you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, I would like to hear those as well. Click on my name below to send e-mail.


The Art of Steve Newport

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Girls' Best Friend


Floating Leaf

Lord of the Rings II


Light Effects

Silent Attack



Lord of the Rings I


Ninja ZX 12R



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