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Featured Artist Tim Seward

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September 2006

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In my mid-30s I moved to the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Washington). I'm married and have a daughter who will be a senior in high school this coming year. I currently live in the eastern United States near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I work for a company in the telecommunications field.

I use Xara to create my art, and consider myself just a hobbyist. I like to draw what I see in my mind's eye; I get an idea and then I usually make a rough sketch. I am interested in form, composition and color, something that is pleasing to the eye. While my images lack the detail of photo realistic images (my flowers don't look like a specific flower, for example), the form still creates an impression of a flower. I usually work on my drawings or the Xara Xone tutorials after my family has gone to bed. It takes me a long time to complete a drawing as I will work on a small part and stop and look at it the next morning. Half the time I delete what I did the night before. And I frequently come back to one small part of an image for a month or more trying to figure out what it is that isn't working. That for me is the most fun part.

For my Talkgraphics friends, I apologize for the images that have already been posted in the gallery. If I waited to get 10 to 20 completely new, never before posted images, it could take another 2 years!  I hope you enjoy seeing the old ones along with some new ones as a group.

For those who have come to this site to check out Xara and are thinking of giving it a try, I can only say that you won't be disappointed. It is the most wonderful, easy to use software you will ever use. I hope that these images will inspire you to give Xara a try. If that should happen, post an image on and let me know.  It would make my day!!

Tim Seward (TimS)

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