The Art of Risto Klint

March 2001

Risto Klint

I was delighted when our moderator, Gary W. Priester, asked me if I would like to contribute to the "artist of the month" section.

At first I hesitated because I wasn't sure if I had enough illustrations to submit, as I have only used Xara X for three months, over some weekend and late night sessions.

I did have a couple of illustrations that I was comfortable with and 50 or so different sketches. So, most of the illustrations that you will find in the gallery are my sketches, which I have made a bit more presentable.

I found a childish joy in creating these illustrations and I hope this will show though and that you will find it a worthwhile visit.

I was born in 1968 in Sundsvall, an industrial city with a population of 100,000 people, situated in the middle of Sweden. The city is Sweden's pulp and paper capital with close proximity to vast forests, rivers, lakes and the ocean. The district's animal is the fabled "Skvader", which is a hare with the feathered back portion of the Great Wood grouse. A stuffed "Skvader" is on display in one of the heritage villages. Boy, did that fake bird-hare mess with my mind when I was a kid. It probably accounts for some of the weirdness I put down in my sketchbooks.

I definitely got my interest in drawing from my father who, for a hobby, used to draw and paint with oils. I have always been drawing and I still do, a lot, and on everything. In first grade art class my first drawing was of Moses in his papyrus crib going down the river; the crib also had an outboard engine and a machine gun mounted in the front.

After completing my technical schooling, work brought me to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I have worked for the same Telecom company since I was 20. Even though my job does not require artistic skills, drawing and painting have always been with me as a hobby, and a compulsion.

I currently live in Montreal, Canada, having relocated in 1995. It is here I met my wife and we now have two busy toddlers. My spare time is spent on the type of silliness you will find examples of in the gallery.

Xara X is the only graphics program I have ever used, and I can't imagine that they come any smarter and quicker than this. The program is so clean! No veterinary calls after your dog eats that new paint tube of "Cobalt Blue" and brings it up in your bed, and no India ink to spill on your wife's favorite pajamas.

In hopes that you will enjoy the visit and that we see each other in the forums…

A bientot, fellow Xarians!

- Risto Klint

Three Vikings İRisto Klint

Three Vikings (120K)

Big Moon İRisto Klint

Big Moon (125K)

Food İRisto Klint

Food (88K)

Supper Time İRisto Klint

Suppertime (147K)

Mermaid İRisto Klint

Mermaid (137K)

Rabbits İRisto Klint

Rabbits (123K)

All images ©Risto Klint
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Dancers İRisto Klint

Dancers (111K)

Apple Tree İRisto Klint

Apple Tree (162K)

Earthquake İRisto Klint

Earthquake (118K)

Cityscape İRisto Klint

Cityscape (132K)

Apples and Fish İRisto Klint

Apples and Fish (87K)

Elfegg İRisto Klint

Elfegg (143K)

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