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Featured Artist Eric

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May 2006

In addition to being one of the moderators, Eric (known as Egg) is a talented designer and illustrator. Eric was also the featured artist in October, 2000.

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I've been creating drawings on computers now for over 20 years and I still gain enormous pleasure from it. Even though most of my time is spent creating graphics for web sites, I still enjoy nothing better than to create a drawing for myself when I get the slightest opportunity.

Throughout that time, firstly Artworks and then all versions of Xara X have been the software of choice, both for work and pleasure. I'm a vector graphic freak. So much so that I now create my clients websites almost exclusively in Macromedia Flash having first created the graphics in Xara. In this way I can ensure that all the graphics remain as vectors and are therefore very simply edited, scaled, recoloured etc.

Whilst there has been advance in the software over the intervening period, transparency probably being the greatest, in the main the vector drawing tools have remained the same. The real advance has been the internet. I no longer sit at my computer in isolation. If I want inspiration for a particular subject, I do a Google image search and have access to scores of images. Or perhaps I want to achieve a particular result in a drawing and can't find a way to do it. No problem, Gary will have a tutorial or I can post a question on the Forum.

I think that's the biggest difference over those past 20 years. I would miss my twice daily fix at

Anyway, here's some more of my work. Most of it's appeared on TG before so I hope you don't mind revisiting it.



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