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Featured Artist Ian Hamilton

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July 2006


Since I was the featured artist in December 2000, I have gained a degree in design for interactive media and have carried out a large amount of commercial work, still using Xara as my primary tool.

Regrettably Illustrator is the industry standard, but as I'm sure you area all aware Xara X is far superior, in terms of ease of use, quality of output, and speed of operation, and it is an essential part of my day-to-day work.

Of the various new features that have cropped up in Xara since I started using Xara Studio, something like 8 years ago , by far the most useful recently has been the ability to export straight to swf. Flash is a fantastic tool marred only by its lack of any decent drawing tools, so much of my work is now relies on using Xara and Flash together in tandem.

Over the years I have heard of more and more people turning to Xara, initially for its ease of use and sticking with it permanently because of such things as bitmap transparencies which are (to my knowledge anyway), impossible in any of the other main contemporary vector drawing programs.

I will certainly be making the most of what Xara has to offer for many years to come, and now that the infamous Corel Xara days are well and truly in the past, many more people should also be able to reap its benefits.

Ian Hamilton

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