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Jane Phillpot

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May 2003
Jane Phillpot 

My interest with art was encouraged at school and my drawings and paintings were often chosen to represent the school in national painting competitions. My pictures were often on display and I loved the attention they attracted. However, when I left school at 15 I did not pursue a career in art but farming, this career was cut short in 1973 when I had a nasty accident with a tractor and it left me paralysed. This gave me an opportunity to reassess my other abilities but it took a further 10 yrs before I returned to painting. Then it was with a gusto and my preferred medium was for oil paints and on occasion drawings with pen and ink.

Much of my work was portrait and figure painting, many of which were exhibited and sold. Three years ago I started using computers to do secretarial work for local charities and increasingly found that pictures were needed to describe, illustrate or help to convey ideas and messages so decided to create my own custom design clipart and illustrations.

I have a wide selection of my own art work which can be scanned and manipulated into a computer generated art form. This new medium for creating pictures has been very successful and a lot of fun.: Much of my work is in the nature of illustration for other people's projects, hence why there may be a series of pics as in the case of the clocks which were for a gentleman's clock restoration business.: About 18 months ago I came across Xara, downloaded a trial version and loved it, bought the full version and have not looked back. I am still learning its many capabilities and enjoy using this programme for all my art work. I have tried many other computer image drawing programme's but I keep returning to Xara as my favourite. I am in the process of creating a clip art disc of which, a selection can be viewed on my website

—Jane Phillpot


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First Prize (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

FIRST PRIZE (detail)

A-Frame Lodge (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

A-FRAME LODGE (detail)

Bryson Clock (detail) ŠJane Phillpot


Dickson Shotgun (detail) ŠJane Phillpot


Drinks (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

DRINKS (detail)

Jane (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

JANE (detail)

Ormalu Clock Face (detail) ŠJane Phillpot


Snowy Alps (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

MOUNTAINS (detail)

Primrose (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

PRIMROSE (detail)

Orange Juice (detail) ŠJane Phillpot


Mantle Clock (detail) ŠJane Phillpot


Feathers (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

FEATHERS (detail)

Haines Bench (detail) ŠJane Phillpot


Go Fish (detail) ŠJane Phillpot

GO FISH (detail)

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