©  Dušan Kastelic

Euthanasia (this page) & Exorcist (next page) When I was asked to draw a comic for new computer magazine (called PC&mediji), I was a little bit sceptical. Slovenia is a very small country (only 2 million people) and there were already at least 10 computer magazines at that time! So I really didn't believe that there's room for one more. I expected to make only 4 or 5 episodes before the magazine shut down, so I decided to use this opportunity to make few experiments-a kind of "exercise in style". The Comics feature a computer named Waldo who came into the life of very ugly and typical modern, dysfunctional family and turned their "harmonic" life into living hell.

I have set myself many restrictions for this comic: every story must "last" exactly 8 frames, every frame have always the same front view (with computer at the right side) etc... Under that condition, I was hoping that I would be able to conceive 4 or 5 good stories. But the magazine became quite popular, and so far I have made more than 50 episodes! At the end of the last year, a selection of best episodes was published in the form of a Comic book.