The Best of the Xara Featured Artists

January 2001

A powerful product, such as Xara, is bound to attract persons possessed of artistic  gifts. And nothing attests to this better than the quality and variety of art created with Xara.

To pay tribute to Xara, and the talented artists from around the world, who have contributed so many outstanding images of infinite variety, we have assembled a group show featuring one image from each of our 20 Xara Featured Artists.

And this is just the beginning. We are always looking for new artists to feature on this page. If you would like to be considered for one of the future featured artists, Click Here to contact us. Please don't send images at this time. What works best is for you to place some of your best images on a Web page and send us the URL. If we decide to feature you and your images, we will contact you and provide further instructions.


Xara image  Anthony Noa

Anthony Noa

Xara image  Cole Schweikhardt

Cole Schweikhardt

Xara image  Dusan Kastelic

Dusan Kastelic

Xara image  Eric Bramhill

Eric Bramhill

Xara image  Gary W. Priester

Gary W. Priester

Xara image  Dennis Cox

Dennis Cox

Xara image  Cecilia Elman

Cecilia Elman

Xara image  Daniel Will Harris

Daniel Will Harris

Xara image  Gary David Bouton

Gary David Bouton

Xara image  William R. Clegg

William Clegg

Xara image  Nathan Heagy

Nathan Heagy

Xara image  Marcus Geduld

Marcus Geduld

Xara image  Marcus Geduld

Misha Petriychuk



Xara image  Oleg Tischenkov

Oleg Tischenkov

Xara image  Paul Shotan

Paul Shotan

Xara image  Quentin Roper

Quentin Roper

Xara image  Rudolf Kahl

Rudolf Kahl

Xara image  Joe Skeesick

Joe Skeesick

Xara image  Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton

Xara image  Klaus Nordby

Klaus Nordby