The Art of Simone Pampado

July 2001

Simone Pampado

I've been interested in Computerized Graphics since mid-80s when I applied more to the technical angle (study of algorithms to remove hidden lines, tridimensional graphics of math functions, Ray Tracing etc.) than the artistic one being a University student of Physics.

Slowly, slowly the artistic aspect prevailed when in 1994 I decided to apply to bi-dimensional graphics because of the very high prices of software an hardware necessary to get good results in 3D graphics.

My attention was attracted by Corel Draw 3.0 program which I bought with a PC assembled by myself (386 20 Mhz and 4 Mb Ram).

My education is a combination of classical studies and technical ones (faculty of Physics at the University). Unfortunately in my town there are no courses where one can learn how to draw with the computer so I relied on my power of observation and capacity of synthesis derived from my studies, my experience as photographer, my love of art, and humbly admiring masterpieces realized with many techniques by other illustrators and artists.

I make my sketches as personal projects ( the comic "the dolly dream", "Friends of whole") or to order, but over all I make them to challenge myself.

When I wish to obtain a drawing with certain effects, I start to elaborate it and I turn it over and over in my mind until I manage to get the effect I wanted. I must say that every sketch for me is like working out refining my graphics capability.

These are the prizes I won:

2 National Contest of Computerized Graphics 1994 (supported by "La Sapienza" University of Rome)

  • 1st prize December '94 sect. illustration of product
  • 1st prize January '95 sect. illustration of product
  • 2nd prize march '95 sect. illustration end graffiti
  • 1st absolute prize sect. illustration of product

Best of Show '95 with unanimous verdict 6th Corel World Design Contest 1995

"6th Corel World Design Contest 1995 Grand Prize winner in the Global Awards Category Best of Europe and the Rest of the World (victory not official)"

3 Honorable mention on the category "illustration of product" 8th Corel World Design Contest 1997:

  • 1st Prize May '97 sect. Technical Drawing
  • 1st Prize May '97 sect. Abstract
  • 1st Prize June '97 sect Technical Drawing
  • 21 Honorable mentions
  • Grand Prize Winner Technical Drawing

1st. Absolute in the World 9th Corel World Design Contest 1998

1st Prize September '98  Technical Drawing (Victory not official )

2 Honorable Mention

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Power & Precision (62K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Fantasy (32K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Byo Droid (63K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Nikon (63K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Mechanics...Art (76K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Abstract (81K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Tribute to the Cray (88K)

All images ©Simone Pampado
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Xara image by Simone Pampado

Moonlight (105K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Jaeger-LeCoultre 631 (100K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

A Black Light... (76K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Commander (62K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

Sky Blast (58K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

The Turbillon Beauty (61K)

Xara image by Simone Pampado

The Vampire (35K)

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