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Richard Reny

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August 2003
Richard Reny

I am a graphic artist/illustrator working in Toronto, Canada, and have an extensive background in photography. I have also explored a wide range of artistic disciplines: from cartooning to pottery. I turned to computers as my primary tool of expression 5 years ago and soon discovered what is now my graphic software of choice.Xara. Through Xara's comprehensive tools, I developed a style of illustration that lends itself well to calendars, posters, advertising and web applications. My acquired skill and understanding of light and space was an easy fit for Xara's suitability as a drafting tool (just one of its many uses).

Once I saw what Xara could do, the subject matter for this collection was an obvious choice for me, as cars are a passion of mine. Designing vehicles to travel quickly over the earth presents such an intriguing set of problems.

The solutions to these problems have, at times, led to truly beautiful objects. Having followed vehicle performance and design, through racing and the consumer automobile industry, for more years than I like to recall, I felt that I had sufficient background to choose and present the vehicles.

The feeling of presence is the main objective of this project. Learning how to best use the software to shape and light the cars to produce "a car in the picture, not a picture of a car". To this end I have learned and developed a number of drawing techniques, which have allowed me to produce this illusion and have given me a much deeper understanding of the software.

Basically the pictures are a collage of shapes. Applying gradients, transparency and feathering allows the areas to be shaped and fit together until a palpable object emerges. This technique can of course be applied to almost any subject, and I have used it often.

Illustration is one area in which I'm hoping to expand. Web site design and maintenance, display advertisements and brochures are the mainstay of my work, but the challenge of interpreting ideas in a visual form is a challenge that I relish.

If you would like more information, I have a web site. The address is m/rreny/index.htm

Or you can contact me at

All images ©Richard Reny and may not be
copied or reproduced in any manner without
the written permission of the artist

Click on the thumbnail images to see the larger
and complete image.

PORCHE 911 (detail) 命ichard Reny


PORCHE BOXTER (detail) 命ichard Reny


COBRA 427  (detail) 命ichard Reny


CHEVROLET CORVETTE  (detail) 命ichard Reny


JAGUAR XK8  (detail) 命ichard Reny


LAMBOURGINI DIABLO  (detail) 命ichard Reny


Corvette Stingray (detail) 命ichard Reny


ACURA NSX (detail) 命ichard Reny


MGTC (detail) 命ichard Reny


McLAREN F1  (detail) 命ichard Reny


MERCEDES BENZ 300SL GULLWING  (detail) 命ichard Reny


LOTUS 7  (detail) 命ichard Reny


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