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Xara Xone The Xara Xone Guest Tutorial
Luca Pennisi (lupen)
I was born in Genova, Italy. I
lived in Roma for many years.
Presently I live near Padova in
northern Italy. I work as a
freelance artist in a wide
variety of media
communications inluding:
photography (mostly still life),
illustrations (mainly medical
illustration), podcasts,
interactive CDs, multimedia
presentations, websites,
posters, calendars, logos,
brochures. In other words, I
do a little bit of everything.
I started using Xtreme in september 2009, and since that moment it has
become my preferred 2D software. I was not specifically trained as a designer
and I am mostly self trained. I started taking photos when I was 14 with a
Kodak Retina II. I have had several articles published about darkroom
techniques and taking photographs in the British Journal of Photography and
the Italian magazine Fotografare.
Currently I use both digital and traditional cameras and all the available digitals
media. I keep informed and updated through magazines and books. I am not a
good painter but every now and then I use coloured pencils to make portraits.
Visit my website www.ellepigrafica.it
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