The Xara Xone Featured Artist Gallery
2006 Xara Users Group Show

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December 2006
The 2006 Group Show

Akhtar Amin Ahmad
Bill Taylor (Soquili)
Bob Durk (Drifter)
Bob Hahn
Bruce Stawicki
Derek Cooper
Eric Bramhill (Egg)
Finn Boettcher
Gary W. Priester
Graham Ward
Helen G
Joel Schilling
Judi Assony
Marcia Broekarts (MarciaB)
Norman Spencer (Parahandy)
Paul Söderholm
Penny O'Rorke
Peter McWhinnie
Raymond Breakspear (Intbel)
Risto Klint
Ron Duke
Sally Bode
Tim Seward
Valery Kouleshov.(coolshow)


2006 Xara Users Group Show

We conclude 2006 with our more or less annual Xara Users Group Show featuring art created by members of the Xara Community. As usual the work is varied and excellent with each artist expressing her and himself in his and her own unique way. Thanks to all the talented Xara users who have shared their work in this show. Click here to enter the gallery.

If you would like to participate, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.


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XARA Artists Wanted! We are always looking for new artists to feature on this page. If you would like to be considered for one of the future featured artists Group Shows, Click Here to contact us. Send one or two JPEG or GIF images, about 600 pixels wide. And please keep the file size under 100K. Add Xara Group Show to the Subject line of your message.

The Xara Xone ©2006 Gary W. Priester All rights reserved.