I've never let a lack of formal education keep me from being creative. I have always found a way to convert my energy into creativity. My interest in computers began in the early 1990s. After learning my way around, I turned to creative projects. During this time I discovered Xara Xtreme. The elegance of the user interface and ease of use won me over immediately. Going through Xara's featured artist images, I was awed by the amazing quality of the work and I thought, "If only I could draw like that!” And so began my quest. My graphics skills using Xara progressed fairly quickly. Participating in the TalkGraphics forums and exchanging ideas with other Xara users helped me push the software's boundaries. Xara became my graphics software of choice for both vector and bitmap work. It is now the workhorse for my web development consulting business. I was floored when I was asked to be a Xara Xone featured artist. I feel as though I have come full circle from "If only I could draw like that," to being considered an inspiration to other Xara users. I'd like to thank all of the helpful people at Talk Graphics and YouTube for generously sharing their experience and knowledge with us "newbies". And special thanks to "Black Panther" and Gary at Talk Graphics for their help and guidance. Paul Saumure www.thecomputerwave.com send e-mail