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August 2006
Bob Hahn

© Bob Hahn

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Bob Hahn - IllustratorHi, my name is Bob Hahn, I'm single, and I'm a Xaraholic.

I was born, May 7, 1970 in southern Ontario, Canada, where I still live today.

I have had no special art training, just whatever one learns in high school. Funny, I still have all my old report cards from school. In one with the teachers comments, she wrote, "Bobby seems to have developed an artistic flair this term, producing several excellent pieces of art work." That was in 1978, I was 8 years old then. So I guess I always had an interest in drawing. I wonder though if it was the drawing and creating I liked, or the reactions one could get from doing something good. I think it's a bit of both.

I didn't learn how to draw on the computer. In the beginning it was all done with a Bic pen or pencil on paper. Mostly doodles, never bothered with colouring them in. And you just draw things that make you laugh, or to make someone else laugh. By the time I got into computer graphics, that is when the colouring got more involved. With colour alone, you can make a good drawing, great and with Xara, that's easy to do.

I discovered Xara by accident. I didn't know much about computer graphics software, but I was looking for a program that had the word "Anti-aliasing." I just wanted something to allow me to colour in my drawings and give them smooth lines. In a computer store, I found a program called, "Corel Xara" and it had that "Anti-aliasing" word on the box. It looked pretty cool, so I picked it up. This was in 1996 and it cost me $333.49 CDN. (wha-wha-whaaaaa.)

I use Xara today for most of my graphic work.

Cartooning is number one with me. Usually nothing too serious. Fun to do, fun to look at. I see how my illustrations are more character oriented—backgrounds tend to be very simple. The job of a background is mainly to tell you where the character is. If it's not important where they are, then a very simple background is all you need.

A thanks to, Gary or inviting me to be this month's Featured Artist, and thanks to all the members at TalkGraphics. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

—Bob Hahn
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